Game Recap: Jazz 105 – Hornets 87

Game Details

9:00 PM ET, November 24, 2010
Energy Solutions Arena, Salt Lake City, UT

1 2 3 4 Final
NOH 30 21 21 15 87
UTA 31 30 19 25 105

Top Performers
New Orleans: C. Paul 17 Pts, 3 Reb, 9 Ast, 5 Stl
Utah: D. Williams 26 Pts, 3 Reb, 11 Ast, 5 Stl Box Score


So this is what the Jazz can do if they play hard for 4 quarters.
The Jazz shot 48% for the night on 40-82 from the field, along with 19-19 on the free throw line to beat the Hornets by 18.

Let that soak in for a minute.

The Hornets came out well. At one point, it appeared that the Jazz may be playing from behind. The Hornets shot better than 60% in the first quarter and held 6 point advantages on two occasions in the first quarter. Williams, clearly pressing to try to win the quarter, hit a layup and got a foul with 3 seconds left to grab a one point advantage at the end of the 1st. That was notable in that it was only the 4th time the Jazz won the first quarter this season.

The Jazz opened the second with Fesenko, Elson, Miles, Watson and Price; a squad I think are going to be the go-to second unit combination moving forward. This has been a particularly successful combination over the past couple games, and they did it again last night. The opened up a 10 point advantage on the Hornets, and forces Monty Williams to send several of his starters – including Paul – back into the game earlier than expected.

The Hornets fought back well, but the Jazz followed up with a rally of its own to head into the break up 10 points.

The Hornets battled back in the 3rd, but the Jazz did well to routinely get to the free throw line to get through the push. By the start of the 4th, the Jazz were rolling, and enjoyed success with nearly everything they were attempting, while holding Hornets to 4 of 14 shooting in the 4th quarter, giving up only 15 points. They also held David West to 3 2nd half points and Paul to 2 2nd half points.

The Jazz won the assist battle (27 for the Jazz, 13 for the Hornets) the rebound battle (8 offensive, 30 defensive for the Jazz; 7 offensive, 29 defensive for the Hornets) and the turnover battle (12 for the Jazz, 18 for the Hornets).
Williams went for 26 points (9-18 including 4-5 from three and 4-4 from the line), 11 assists and 3 rebounds while Chris Paul scored 17 points (4-8 including 1-3 from three and 8-8 from the line) and 9 assists.

Tonight’s win was far and away the Jazz’ best full game of the season until this point. Once again, the Jazz second unit played exceptionally well in the 2nd (that was the squad that created the 10 point lead that the Hornets spent the rest of the night trying to get out of).

Game Quotes

Jerry Sloan

“I thought we played pretty hard all night long, I thought we did a pretty good job starting the game and executing our offense and getting some decent shots. We got caught a couple times but for the most part I thought we executed pretty well. Same thing finishing the ballgame, I thought we did a good job.”

Deron Williams

“This is a good win against a good team. It was a collective effort tonight. We got it from everybody, we were balanced. We made extra passes, we helped on defense. We finally put one together.”

On Chris Paul

“We always have fun playing each other. We are good friends off the court. But on the court we always like to battle. “My team plays well against him, simple as that. It’s not just me against CP it’s our team and my team seems to perform well against him.”

Al Jefferson
On CP3 vs. D-Will

“When I was with the Timberwolves I use to always look for that match up. To see those two go against each other. To be a part of it is just amazing. Two great point guards going head to head and plus they are best friends too. It is just very exciting to see.”

Monty Williams

“I thought that was the deciding factor, to give up that many possessions. They had 82 possessions, we had 69. You cannot do that on the road, cannot do that at any time especially against a team like that. You know we had some things going in our favor. We went to the free throw line 32 times but we gave up possessions. I thought that was the game.”

Quotes from the Salt Lake Tribune

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