Grizz Extend Conway, Twitter Explodes

Last night was a deadline of sorts in that it was the last night that teams could offer/sign players with expiring contracts with extensions before said players are to be considered Restricted Free Agents…

(or something. To be honest, I wasn’t entirely sure what exactly the restrictions are, just that several teams were clamoring to sign guys to extensions last night).

Anyway, the Grizzles signed Mike Conley to a 5-year, 45 million dollar extention; and if you’re wondering who the hell Mike Conley is, you’re not alone.

Conley is a 6-1 Guard from Okio State University. He’s been in the league for three years (all in Memphis). Here are his career averages:

  • 11.0 PPG
  • 4.7 APG
  • 1.2 SPG
  • 1.9 TPG (Turnovers)

Long story short, this hasn’t yet been a real high caliber guy, but he is now the proud owner of a 45 million dollar contract extension.

The Grizzles, you may remember, signed Rudy Gay to a max level deal over the summer, so this deal puts them in some pretty tricky ground financially over the next five years unless Conley turns into an incredible stud (I don’t want to cynical here, but why should he, he’s got a ton of money to play ball on a team that’s likely to be mediocre with or without his best effort).

I’m not sure if you follow @HPbasketball on Twitter, but he’s a NBA blogger for AOL Fanhouse and knows his stuff, He went on a pretty remarkable rant about this signing, and the fine fellows at SLC Dunk converted it into a Tumblr page for posterity.


~ by djepperson on November 2, 2010.

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