Williams/Jefferson Dynamic Evolving

Nice article here from the Tribune about the developing relationship between Deron Williams and newly acquired big man Al Jefferson.

A few highlights (but really, the article is worth the read):

To Williams, Jefferson is a humble, levelheaded but hungry player who wants to win as often as possible and do it the right way. Of equal importance is the fact that Jefferson longs to be part of something that he has rarely known: a team.

“I can help him through anything,” Williams said. “I see a great relationship forming.”

To Jefferson, Williams is everything a true leader should be: serious as death when the ball is in play, but once the game is put away, a charismatic, engaging jokester who realizes that enabling team-building chemistry is as essential as understanding X’s and O’s.

Williams’ desire to not just turn Jefferson into the next Carlos Boozer but allow the seventh-year big man to naturally evolve in the Jazz’s highly disciplined offense was made evident Sunday.

Following practice, Jefferson and Williams headed upstairs inside Utah’s practice facility for an impromptu film session. Jefferson had missed several of Williams’ cues during a recent preseason road game against the Los Angeles Lakers.

So Williams rolled tape of how he used to run the show with Boozer. Rather than only point out what Jefferson was doing wrong, though, Williams offered instructional words of support.

In turn, Jefferson was reminded of how far he has come since training camp began — and what the Jazz’s new top-tier tandem have the potential to accomplish.

Jefferson then turned the advice into action Monday, showing off newfound confidence and catching everything Williams threw his way during an intrasquad scrimmage.

Long way to go still, but I love to see this sort of thing.

~ by djepperson on October 26, 2010.

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