Welcome Back to Football, y’all

I apologize for my absence to the blog of late. I’ve had a busy couple weeks helping to get a suite of fantasy games and products launched for the start of the football season. I’m excited to catch up this weekend sometime on all thing FIBA, ‘Melo and Kirenlinko’s hair (seriously dude, what the hell is going on there).

But for now, let me welcome you all back to the NFL season. I’ve included two rather enjoyable videos, one that aired during last night’s game and the other found by a co-worker of mine.

First, here is the latest Old Spice ad, featuring Ray Lewis:

Stupid Saturn.

Next, you may have heard that Tom Brady was in a car accident yesterday. He’s fine, in fact he wasn’t even taken to a hospital, but the entire Northeast U.S. male population was frozen with fear for about 35-40 minutes as the reports were breaking. Anyway…

~ by djepperson on September 10, 2010.

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