Oh… My… Goodness

Greg Ostertag is back, playing on the Frisco Legends in the D-league.

Just let that soak in people.

FanHouse has the story

“I have some cobwebs. The more I play, the quicker I’ll get it back. Now I’m trying to get in good shape and get stronger. The basketball will come,” Ostertag said. “I’ve been working hard since June to get weight off to where I can be productive. I’m in the mode I don’t want to work this hard for nothing. I want to get my feet planted somewhere, get in veterans camp, and in the preseason maybe somebody will like what they see.”

Oh man…I just… I…

~ by djepperson on September 10, 2010.

5 Responses to “Oh… My… Goodness”

  1. The basketball never “came” to him before … what has him thinking it will now???

    There. I said it.

  2. A co-worker of mine made a point that we should all be rooting for him on this, because if Ostertag can successfully make it back to the NBA, that means there’s still hope for all of us to make it to the NBA.

  3. Nice post! IS he really planning to make a comeback, well no one can blame him since he wants to play and earn himself a ring before he retires.

  4. […] had been contemplating a comeback for a while now, either as a player or as an assistant coach, but he informed the team that he […]

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