USA vs. Slovenia: Team USA Pushes Through

Rose vs Slovenia

So far, so good.

U.S. worked through its first bad quarter as a team, but managed to get themselves back into gear, defeating Slovenia 99-77. Credit Durant for pushing the team through the doldrums. He lead all scores with 22 and emerged as the clear first offensive option for Team USA.

Not only that, but Kevin Love had a great game. He put up 10 points and grabbed 11 rebounds, but was ALL over the paint on defense, which slowed down Slovenia’s offense when it mattered. I’ll say it. You don’t want me to say it, but I will…

Love played with heart.

Slovenia started creeping back into the game in the second quarter, due largely to the fact that Team USA failed to score a field goal in the first six and a half minutes of said quarter.

However, they appeared to make some positive adjustments at the break, and came out strong with a 17-4 run to start the 3rd.

It was not as impressive a win as yesterday’s against Croatia, but Team USA looked more cohesive than I’ve seen them up until this point.

Team USA plays Brazil tomorrow, a club that includes Leandro Barbosa (Phoenix Suns) and Anderson Varejao (Cleveland Cavs).

P.S. I haven’t yet found a video to use to show full game highlights, but this block from Russell Westbrook will make you happy.

USA vs. Slovenia – Aug. 29th 2010
Country Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 Final
USA 23 19 25 32 99
SLO 11 17 18 31 77

ESPN Box Score

FIBA Standings

FIBA Full Schedule recap

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