New Jazz Unis!

One step closer to the start of the season..

Earlier tonight, the Jazz have taken their next big step in making a fresh start into next season by revealing the team’s new uniforms.

I’m a fan.

I’m pleased they went all in with the Jazz Note logo and more importantly, I’m glad that they elected to do add anything to it.

Thoughts, anyone?

Home Jersey - Williams

Home Jersey - Williams

Away Jersey - Okur

Away Jersey - Okur


~ by djepperson on August 16, 2010.

5 Responses to “New Jazz Unis!”

  1. I love ’em! A lot better than all the speculated images and paintings I saw around the web leading up to the fan fest tonight. In my opinion the Away jerseys have been a lot better than the home ones, but this is pretty even. A lot less plain on the Home side.

    • I agree, a couple of those mock ups had me concerned, but I’m happy with these. I was trying to find a picture of an alternate uni, which I heard was the green and yellow, but I had no luck.

  2. The original logo is still the greatest. But I will admit I was pretty hip on the 2nd generation version (the mountain logo) with the original colors.

    • I do like that they’re calling back to the whole Pistol Pete-y unis. It’ll be interesting to see what they do with alternative jerseys moving forward. From what I understand, the NBA only allows you to have/build one alternative jersey per season after you’ve made a change to your primary jersey, so in theory, if the Jazz do keep the greens as the alternate for this year, they wouldn’t be able to play with any of the older unis until next year.

      They liked the change in UniWatch today though:

  3. I kinda hope that the alternates they come up with (whenever that is) are a yellow primary color with green accents, sort of like what New Orleans did. I’d also love to see them wear those against the Lakers…. That’d be fun 🙂

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