Theory: David Khan is a 60s Style Evil Genius

The Minnesota Timberwolves just came to terms with PG Luke Ridnour.

Let that sink in.

For those keeping score at home, this is the Wolves’ 4th Point Guard (Ridnour, Flynn, Ramon Sessions, and I’m counting Ricky Rubio) to go along with their four Centers (Hollins, Koufus, Milicic and Greg Stiemsma), and their new franchise player, Michael Beasley.

Other players include: Cory Brewer (SG), Wayne Ellington (G), Lazar Hayward (F), Wesley Johnson (SF), Kevin Love (PF) and Martell Webster (F).

Folks, this HAS to be an evil plot. I think David Kahn has turned into Casar Romano’s Joker the Batman TV series.

I think Kahn is secretly working off a passage from an old sand script text found in an Egyptian temple. He’s trying to make the right combination of seemingly nonsensical player movements so that when “The tenth moon rises” (i.e. the start of next season), all of the sudden – Wham-o!

Khan’s soul is zapped back into Hellmouth and the Gods of Basketball magically transport LeBron, Wade, Bosh, Chris Paul and Lamar Odom to Minnesota on minimum salary contracts. The best role players in the league join them. Flynn, Johnson and Koufus are traded to the Knicks, and the rest of the current Timberwolves roster is sucked into a vortex.

The rest of the league goes crazy, and Barkley’s head explodes.

It’s a dastardly plot, friends. Who will save us?

~ by djepperson on July 14, 2010.

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