Kyle Korver to Sign with Chicago


ESPN is reporting that Kyle Korver has agreed in principle to join the Chicago Bulls with a three year, 15 Million dollar deal. Korver will join former teammate Carlos Boozer in Chicago this season.

Korver set an NBA record for best three point percentage in a regular season last year, and played a significant role with Utah’s second unit. He also was a key factor in Utah’s first round series against the Nuggets.

Unless something goofy happens and Korver isn’t a good fit, he’ll add depth at the perimeter for Chicago, and likely make them a better squad overall.

Beyond basketball, Korver played a huge role in the Utah community, routinely working hard with his Korver foundation to help the community however possible.

He was quickly becoming a meaningful role model for Salt Lake.

This may prove to be a big hit for the female demographic of the Utah Jazz fan base, somewhere between Zack Efron retiring from acting, and discovering that Edward Cullen was just in it for the booty all along.

He’ll be missed, but I can say with confidence that there will no jerseys burnt in Salt Lake.

~ by djepperson on July 9, 2010.

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