Final Thoughts on the Finals

I know its a little late for a final recap of the finals itself, but really, what was there to be said that hasn’t already been said. It was a great series, a great match up and a great, great game 7. In spite of the fact that the Lakers are still evil, and in spite of the fact that was rooting for the Cs with my full support, it was a very enjoyable series, and ultimately very good for the NBA.

AP is reporting that Game 7 was the highest rated NBA game in 12 years. We’re talking 18.2 million people, the most since Jordan beat the Jazz in 1998 (and remember, at the time, the principle storyline was that could have well been the last game Jordan ever played).

Not only that, but in the final moments of the game, Twitter experienced its highest volume of tweets. The site reports to have received 3,085 tweets a second at the close of that game.

2010 is rapidly becoming a HUGE sports year. The winter games saw good ratings, the Super Bowl ratings eclipsed the M.A.S.H finale for highest ratings of all time, biggest NBA ratings in 12 years, the World Cup has become the biggest web event of all time.

P.S. That U.S./Algeria match was unbelievable.

Kobe and History
Is Kobe now the best Laker of all time?


Look, I get that he’s a star. I get that he’s got a highly unusual talent and a highly unusual drive. I understand that he has 5 rings and the MVP and all that. Do I think that Kobe may be one of the top five Lakers of all time? Okay, fine. I’ll give you that.

For me, here are your top five Lakers:

  1. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar (8 rings – 6 as a player 2 as an assistant coach, 19 All Stars, 6 MVPs, 4th all time rebounding leader, 3rd all time blocks and still the all-time scoring champion)
  2. Wilt Chamberlain (2 rings, 4 MVPs, 13 All Stars, 4th all time scoring leader, all-time rebounding leader, and one of only two players all time to have a lifetime average of 30 points or better – Jordan is the other)
  3. Magic Johnson (5 rings, 3 MVPs, 12 All Stars, 4th all time in assists, all time leader in assists per game)
  4. Jerry West (1 ring, 10x All Star, was GM for the Lakers in 7 championship seasons and, oh yeah, the freaking NBA logo is modeled after him)
  5. Kobe Bryant (5 rings, 12x All Star, currently 15th all time in points, 57th all time in assists, 30th all time in steals)

And that’s counting on the court accolades.

How Kobe compares with these other four guys in leadership, personality, impact on the game and other overall role-model-y qualities is a whole other conversation (and spoiler alert: Kobe doesn’t score well there in my opinion).

~ by djepperson on June 23, 2010.

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