NBA Finals, Game 1 Recap

And the finals are underway (via

And the finals are underway (via

I was excited about this series in this first quarter of last night’s game. After that (aka after the Lakers started winning)… my excitement was tempered. In my mind, they may as well have called the game over after that alley oop from Fisher to Kobe in the third. You could see it in the Celtics body language after that play.

I’m developing a theory that this series basically comes to a Team of Physicality/Team of Quick Pace struggle. Physical play is ultimately going to play into the Celtics favor, but if the Lakers are given the room to run, the Celtics don’t seem to be able to keep up.

Time after time, I saw fast breaks with 2-3 Lakers running full steam, and maybe 1 to 2 Celtics making it past half court. This gave the Lakers the chance to go on that run in the second quarter to go up 9, and more importantly, it opened the door for this to happen in the third:

Kobe aside, there was one particular stat that jumped out at me in the box score:

Pau Gasol – 14 Reb, Garnett – 4 Reb. This HAS to change for the Celtics to have a shot. The Lakers out-rebounded the Celtics 42-31.

The Lakers are too good on second chance opportunities, an area they dominated in last night. I think this is one clear place where it falls on KG to step up and, to be frank, start beating up Gasol on the boards.

I don’t know what needs to happen. Maybe Doc needs to sit him down to watch game film of himself in 2008, maybe Rondo should tell KG that Gasol made fun of the suit he wore in the post game interview, or maybe we can all create a Facebook group titled ‘Gasol thinks Garnett is a doo doo head’ (which I’d be willing to do) but the Celtics need to turn around the battle of the boards, and I earnestly feel like KG is the key.

~ by djepperson on June 4, 2010.

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