Woah EW, Hang On…

Entertainment Weekly just released a list of the top 100 characters of the last 20 years. An interesting top ten:
1- Homer Simpson
2- Harry Potter
3- Buffy
4- Tony Soprano
5- Heath Ledger’s Joker
6- Rachel Green
7- Edward Scissorhands
8- Hannibal Lecter
9- Carrie Bradshaw
10- Spongebob Squarepants

Other picks of note:
11- Cosmo Kramer
17- Lara Croft
18- Sue Sylvester
30- “Stephen Colbert”
32- Beavis and Butthead
33- Terminator 2’s Sarah Connor
37- Verbal Kint
53- Edward Cullen
55- Tracey Jordan
63- John Locke
72- Kara “Starbuck” Thrace
88- Napoleon Dynamite
99- The Bride (Uma Thurman in Kill Bill)

Okay, so…

I may, or may not have felt like some of these selections were, well… inaccurate. So I may or may not have written a letter to the editor.

Here are some of the main points of said letter:

One of the 12 EW Covers about Lost

Jack and Kate

1) I did some research, and learned that Lost characters have graced a total of 12 Entertainment Weekly covers (21 if you count the special 10 cover set from earlier this year). To put that in perspective, that’s more cover story love than Buffy, more than Carrie, more than Tony, more than Homer.

In fact, as far as I can tell, Lost comes in second to Harry Potter in most EW covers – all time. However, the only Lost character to make the cut is John Locke – and at 63? No Jack? Kate? Sawyer? Ben?

Is it safe to infer that the EW editorial team pulled its love of all things Lost as a result of the last 10 minutes of the finale?

2) Cosmo Kramer makes the cut and Jerry Seinfeld doesn’t?

3) Tracy Jordan makes the cut and Liz Lemon doesn’t?

4) **Spoiler Alert for The Usual Suspects**
On number 37, you list Keyser Soze? I love that he’s on the list, but you could have named him Verbal Kint for the readers who haven’t seen The Usual Suspects.
**End Spoiler**

5) Lara Croft at 17/ Kara Thrace at 72.
I get the importance of the break through of a strong female character in video games, but Croft is also a character who was very nearly was a Indiana Jones clone, and whose character development features a moment wherein one of the animators accidentally over-tweaked Lara’s breasts dimensions into a 150% gain, when he intended to only tweak it 50%. His team resoundingly approved the change before he had the chance to tweak it back. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a fan, but doesn’t that sound like that scene in Weird Science for a top 20 character in the last 20 years?


By way of comparison, Thrace is a battle tested military genius, a bohemian painter, a hot shot pilot, a character who starts out with total disregard for authority, but is also painfully desperate for a father figure. She hates Apollo because she loves Apollo. She marries Sam because he’s not Apollo, then hates Sam because he’s not Apollo, and there isn’t a character on that show that she can’t beat up.

Over the course of Battlestar’s five year run, I feel like no one character has a more compelling story arc than Starbuck’s (In fact, I’d argue that Starbuck’s character arc is one of the most compelling arcs over the past 20 years. Top three behind Harry Potter and Jack Shepard) AND the degree of difficulty has to be raised because Starbuck was played by a dude the first time around.

I’d argue that Katee Sackhoff’s Kara Thrice is more of a badass than Lara Croft (Who’s with me on this fellow nerds?)

I agree that both of these characters belong on this list, but if I had the chance to flip-flop the rankings of any one similarly genre-d pair of characters, this would be that pair.


~ by djepperson on May 29, 2010.

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