Amazing is… the Fan

Since I don’t know how to auto-tune anything, I’ve decided to just write a post about an idea I just had.

I’ve decided that the perfect parody to the ‘Amazing is the Playoffs’ ads that the NBA is cramming down our throat is to come up with an auto tuned commercial called ‘Amazing is the Fan of the Playoffs’

“Did you see that hit that Nash took to the face. to-the. to the fa-ace?”
“LeBron. When is LeBron gonna start to play basketball? What… wha.. what the hell is wrong with him.”

(Shot of the Boston crowd during Game 6 of the Cavs series)

“What do mean that was a technical? How the h-h-h-hell was that a tech-ni-cal?”

“F you Kobe, that’s right I said F you Kobe.” (okay, that one is still forthcoming, but you KNOW its coming)

Just in case you don’t know which ads I’m talking about…

~ by djepperson on May 27, 2010.

One Response to “Amazing is… the Fan”

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