2010 Free Agent Board

UPDATE – July 7th: After an excellent 4th of July weekend, I’m back to update the big board. A lot of action over the past several days, including Bosh and Wade to Miami, Amar’e to NY and, yes, Boozer to Chicago.

I’ve added a column to identify the team that each FA lands. Looks like we’re about half way through my list.

* * *
July 2nd: Outside of the news that Pierce will stay with the Celtics and Phil Jackson will stay with the Lakers, there has been a lot of conjecture – but not a lot of actual news – on the major players. Basically, it seems like LeBron, Bosh and Wade are still meeting with all the big teams, and most everyone else is waiting to see what will come of it.

I took Tyson Chandler off the board since he decided to opt in.

Oh yeah, and the Timberwolves, Grizzles, Raptors and Bucks just agreed to a bunch of big ass contracts for mid-level players.

* * *

July 1st (AM): While meetings with the big three begin, various items of interest have popped up, including Byron Scott’s new role as the Cavs head coach, the Hawks offering a max deal to Joe Johnson, Portland looking to drive up Matthews’ contract with the Jazz, a potential Boozer sign and trade with Orlando and Richard Jefferson makes a decision not based off of money, and everyone makes fun of him for it.

* * *

June 30th: Wow. A lot to start the day with. For starters, Bosh tells the Miami Herald that he doesn’t know how the big three could all land with the Heat, then comes news that the Nuggets are pressing ‘Melo to sign a three year extension or they’ll trade him, and then comes news that Paul Pierce is opting out of his contract with the Celtics.

By the way, I moved the Celtics from the May Make a Move group to the Likely to Make a Move group with the news that Pierce is opting out and Perk is gone till December. Denver is probably next.

Update #2: Some quick updates to cover Doc Rivers’ decision to stay in Boston, Amar’e Opting out and Chandler Opting In. Oh and people like Artest’s single.

* * *

June 29th: Lots of talk about the rumored Free Agent Summit in Miami held last weekend. Today’s big big rumor is that LeBron, Bosh and Wade may figure out how to play together in Miami. Aside from that, some news on Boozer and Lee, while Wednesday continues to loom for the Celtics and the Pacers.

* * *

June 28th: First build complete. Looks like the Knicks may be scrambling to come up with a Plan B should LeBron land in Chicago.

Top Players

Player Team
Pos Latest News 2010
LeBron James CLE SF “The Decision” is upon us MIA
LeBron decision expected by Monday
Nets will make James a Billionaire?
D’Antoni to do the talking for Knicks?
Big three hold FA Summit in Miami
King to hold court, Bulls in the lead?
Dwayne Wade MIA SG Bosh, Wade to play for Miami MIA
Nets, Bulls, Knicks to meet with Wade
Bosh and Wade meeting teams together?
Bulls may not make Wade a priority
Wade denies meeting in NY
Dirk Nowitzki(ETO)* DAL PF Dirk to stay with Mavs DAL
Dirk expected to re-sign
Dirk Opts out, but not likely to leave
Extension unlikely, Dirk to Opt Out
Chris Bosh TOR PF Bosh, Wade to play for Miami MIA
Miami is the front-runner for Bosh?
Rockets have foot in the door
Dream Team ‘Pie in the sky’
Bulls may try to get Bosh first
Bosh as good as gone
Nets schedule a meeting with Bosh
Amar’e Stoudemire PHO PF Amar’e agrees to terms with Knicks NYK
Amar’e meets with Riley, heading to NY
Amar’e Opts Out
Amar’e, Suns to talk more
Knicks new Plan A: Joe and Amare?
Joe Johnson ATL SG Johnson remains a Hawk ATL
JJ about to accept Hawks max deal
JJ to Mavs via sign and trade?
JJ may be Knicks first phone call?
David Lee NYK C Knicks Plan B: Lee to Warriors GSW
Lee to meet with four teams
Lee: I want to stay in NY
Where will Lee land?
Carlos Boozer UTA PF Boozer gets 80 Mil to join CHI CHI
Sign and trade to Orlando?
Boozer sells home in Miami
Boozer may want 6 years from Utah
Heat, Nets, Bulls like Boozer
Boozer Era coming to an end in Utah?
Paul Pierce (ETO) BOS SF 4 years, $61 Million for Pierce BOS
Paul Pierce Opts Out
Important week for Celtics
Al Harrington NYK PF Harrington part of NYK back up plan? DEN
Ray Allen BOS SG Allen stays in Boston BOS
Return to Cs ‘Most likely scenario’
Jermaine O’Neal MIA C O’Neal leaning to Celtics? BOS
O’Neal should wait on LeBron
Shaquille O’Neal CLE C Two years left in the Diesel. Spurs? BOS
Shaq in Boston?
Shaq could land in Dallas?
Raja Bell CHA SF Mavs, Magic or Heat UTA
Bell wants to play in Miami
Derek Fisher LAL PG Lakers want Fisher to take a pay cut LAL
‘A lot’ of teams have contacted Fisher
Fisher: Jackson exit would change NBA
It’s unanimous: Lakers want Fisher
Kyle Korver UTA SG Lakers like Korver? CHI
Knicks have eyes for Korver
Hayward pick puts return in question

* ETO means Early Termination Option. Player has a right to terminate his contract with the team and opt into free agency, even though he has additional seasons left on his contract.

Teams Likely to Make Moves

Team Latest News
Atlanta Hawks Hawks go all in for JJ
Hawks still in mix for Joe Johnson
Boston Celtics Doc Stays
Blessing in disguise?
Perk out till Dec.
Chicago Bulls Bulls GM: Don’t worry about MJ
Cleveland Cavaliers Check that, Cavs to hire Scott
Cavs to hire Shaw as Coach
Brian Shaw to interview for Cavs
Dallas Mavericks Mavs may pursue Joe Johnson
Mavs a ‘dark, dark horse’ for LeBron
L.A. Clippers New Clips coach is Del Negro
Done Deal: Gooden to Bucks
Clips, Del Negro met

Clips close to choosing new coach
Miami Heat Wade gave Riley a wish list
Bosh: Heat in top contention for him
Minnesota Timberwolves Wolves to meet with Rudy Gay
Mavs interested in Jefferson?
Kahn thinks he can land a top FA
New Jersey Nets Possible candidates for Thorn
Colangelo to succeed Thorn?
New York Knicks Knicks like JJ over LeBron
Allan Houston to help pitch the Knicks
Phoenix Suns Suns make last shot at Amar’e
Utah Jazz Jazz may need to chase Matthews
O’Conner: Boozer is top priority

Teams That May Make Moves

Team Latest News
Charlotte Bobcats Bobcats extend offer to Thomas
Denver Nuggets Carmelo on the block?!?
Martin may not be ready for camp
Detroit Pistons Monroe: Detroit ‘where I belong’
Houston Rockets Rockets looking at Bosh AND JJ
L.A. Lakers Phil Jackson to stay. Kobe still evil.
L.A. Lakers Artest’s single is well liked
Jackson considers Karl’s health
Milwaukee Bucks Bucks, Salmons agree to five years
Bucks have their own concerns
New Orleans Hornets Collison may be next on block?
Portland Trailblazers Pritchard’s open letter to fans
San Antonio Spurs Jefferson shockingly opts out

Could Amar’e land with Spurs?

Teams Not Likely to Make Moves

Team Latest News
Golden State Warriors Major moves not likely this offseason
Indiana Pacers Still no deal for Pacers and Conseco
Pacers may be forced to leave?
Pacers vs. Conseco: deadline Wed.
Memphis Grizzlies Henry already very busy
Oklahoma City Thunder Mo Pete to OKC
Orlando Magic GM unlikely to make big changes
Philadelphia 76ers Sixers start new chapter with Turner
Sacramento Kings Rookies can be Kings, if…
Toronto Raptors One true thing: Bosh is bound to leave
Washington Wizards Wizards welcome John Wall

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  1. This is a very well thought out article as well as a great blog you got going here! I think that the big problem that is going to face these top tier free agents is the ability to find a good supporting cast because teams have shed so much salary in order to get them. Also, you think you could check out my blog because I really want to know what your opinion is on my thoughts. http://chrisross91.wordpress.com/2010/06/29/lebron-and-sidekick-will-be-dominant-but-will-it-translate-to-a-championship/

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